Having an active presence on one or more social networks is nowadays considered almost essential. We can guide you through that complex digital environment and help you to choose the best platforms to promote your products and services. Our expertise covers all the major social networks: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and Snapchat.

Your social media strategy

Your social media strategy must be aligned to your business strategy. We always take great care to ensure an effective social strategy includes the selection of relevant social media – and in this context ‘relevant’ means where your prospects can be found.
We set clear goals alongside appropriate benchmarks.

The importance of your choice of networks

Our databases, our professional tools and our constant monitoring will ensure a reliable assessment. The social strategy will include a clear definition of the tactics specific to each social network. Our recommendations include:

  • the best types of content to publish
  • full action planning
  • how to manage social interactions

Semantic analysis: keywords, hashtags and themes

Just like SEO, on social networks, it’s the actual words used which matter (as well as their meaning). Our tools and linguistic knowledge enable us to create an effective working vocabulary of keywords (and hashtags), and to identify the most appropriate themes for your particular business world.
We plan to position you to provide just what your prospects are looking for!

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